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Internet marketers who work with purchased traffic and want to get information on its quality and additional information about users through macros, as well as those who deal with email newsletters


Site owners who can place links on their sites, track conversion statistics


Bloggers who share links in profiles on social networks, also to track conversion statistics and earn money from advertising

Service features

Distribution of clicks depending on a variety of conditions, such as OS, browser, country, city, you can even track whether your browser has AdBlock or Metamask extension installed and send such users to the site you want.


If you need to hide the main site from the eyes of moderators of advertising networks or just unnecessary users, you can specify a "white" site, which they will see when you click on a link, with redirect or page loading without redirect. Own databases with IP Facebook, Google, Yandex, VK.

Spare Links

Ability to specify additional links to which users will be redirected, in case previous links are blocked by various services


Ability to add users, assign them roles and access to the system. Possibility to connect Telegram groups for teams, thus getting all important notifications about team actions in one place, so as not to miss anything important, as well as to react promptly to changes.

Monitoring links
and domains

All domains and links are constantly monitored for blocking by various services that can cut off some traffic. At the moment we monitor such services as: Google Safe Browsing, AdBlock, PhishFort, Ultimate Hosts Blacklist, Metamask. In case of blocking, users are notified through all available channels.

Abusable servers

Other link managers will remove your links at the first complaint, with us you can rest assured that your links will be intact and you will not lose valuable traffic.

Over 100 domains

Which you can use in your links. You can also bind your domains and optionally generate an SSL certificate. The ability to create an unlimited number of subdomains.


Fill in the link with the information you need about the user's device, as well as information about his country, city, mobile operator, traffic quality, extensions used, and so on.


You can track statistics by day, hour, country, city, device, mobile brand, OS, browser, language, internet provider, proxy used. Statistics on clicks and detailed information on each click, starting from the source where the user clicked your link.


Through the API you can connect your own software to create links, add domains, get a list of links, as well as statistics.

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Questions and Answers
Are you deleting inactive links?
No, at the moment we do not delete inactive links, but as the base grows, this will probably be introduced for guest links and for users with a free tariff, which we will notify in advance.
What does the traffic quality indicator mean?
The statistics can show 2 states: 1. A number from 1 to 3, where 1 is good quality, 3 is bad 2. The sum of the scores of each transition Thus the higher the sum, the worse the quality, and the less the better, ideally when the sum of traffic quality is equal to the number of jumps.
What is a fallback link?
Fallback links are needed if your links are often blocked by antifraud or anti-viruses. In this case, the system will check which links are blocked and redirect to the next clean site.
I deleted all the links, why am I being informed about the limit?
Deleted links are also included in the tariff limit, so you can send a request to restore the links in order to edit them later. But you won't be able to add new ones until you update your tariff.
How to connect a Telegram bot to a group?
You can connect a Telegram bot to your group so that the bot automatically gives users links when keywords match in messages. To do this, log in to @cuti_link_bot, then add the bot to your group and allow him access to messages. Write any message to the group, the bot will fix the chat ID, and now messages from other users will be processed as from your account.
Why aren't all click statistics available?
Click data is stored for a limited time, and depends on the tariff. For guest and free tariff, this is 7 days. For the START - 14, GOLD - 30, PREMIUM - 90 days.
What is the difference between clicks, visits and transitions?
Clicks are unique clicks on a link per day. Visits - all clicks, including repeated ones. Transitions are direct transitions to your site, by default they are equal to visits. But if, for example, traffic analysis or monetization is enabled, then an intermediate page is displayed, where some users may disappear, which will be seen by the difference in clicks and visits.
Can I export my shortened links?
Yes, you can export your short links for free. To do this, on the My Links page, select all the links that you want to export, then click on the button on the right - Actions with the selected ones, select Get list. And you will have several list formats available to choose from. Export to CSV and Excel for paid tariffs is also available.
Do you have a free trial period for a paid subscription?
Yes, we have a trial period of 7 days, which is activated after registration.
How is the traffic quality determined?
Each click passes many checks, including in combination with the rest, both technical and behavioral indicators are taken into account. For example, clicks through a proxy are of low quality, or the discrepancy between the browser language and the main languages of the user's region is of questionable quality, and other conditions that we do not disclose in detail. The traffic quality indicator is available only for paid tariffs.
What are macros and why are they needed?
Macros are special labels that are replaced with the corresponding data. You simply insert macros into your link, assigning them your own parameters, and then, when the user clicks on the link, the system replaces these macros with the information you need. This way you can collect on your side all available data about the user's device and its IP.
Where can I post short links?
You can post them anywhere, on your website, social network page, blog, in the description of youtube videos, in chats, in comments, wherever it is not prohibited. The only exception is mass spam, which we do not welcome.
What is cloaking?
Cloaking is hiding the original link from outsiders based on configured filters by ip, Internet service providers, regions, OS, traffic sources and browser, and others. This can be useful to hide your link from spam services and competitors who constantly monitor ads in advertising networks to find new niches and bundles for arbitration. It also allows you to pass moderation in advertising networks like Facebook by giving moderators and automatic bots a page that meets their rules (white page), and ordinary users of your landing page.
Is it possible to withdraw previously deposited funds?
Yes, you can make a withdrawal request for previously deposited funds using any of the available withdrawal methods. Please note that the payment system commission is deducted for the payment.
What is the limit on click-throughs?
Limits are listed on the Tariffs page, each tariff has its own limit.
Do links get deleted over time?
No, we don't delete the links, they will work as long as you don't delete them. But there are click-through limits for links, and if you exceed the limit, your links will be disabled.
Is it possible to get a refund for the paid tariff?
No, after the payment, the funds are not returned. Also, if you decide to change the tariff to a cheaper one, no recalculation is made.
What information is available in the statistics?
Statistics by day, where you can see the percentage of clicks by: countries, cities, devices, OS, browsers, as well as by links, transitions, subid Also, for paid tariffs, information about the quality of traffic is available, which is determined by a number of indicators and based on the average rating, a color indicator of green, orange and red is displayed. Thus, if you buy traffic on the ad platform, you will be able to evaluate the quality of the traffic received.
How do I pay the tariff?
To do this, in your account, go to the menu under the link Tariffs. Choose the appropriate tariff and period. If there are not enough funds on your balance, go to the balance page and top up your balance with any of the available methods for the required amount. After the deposit, go back to the Rates page and select the desired tariff. Immediately after the payment of the tariff, you will be able to access all the specified features of the system for this tariff.
Maximum of links Maximum of clicks per month API Limit of API requests per second Common domains Additional Users Telegram bot Getting a click log by IP Getting the click log Access via contact details Access via social networks Access via SMS Access via Email Free access Double link Additional link Restricting access to the link Browsers OS Devices Countries Temporary link Time Hours Unlimited Add UTM utm_content utm_campaign utm_medium utm_source Notification of link clicks Notification in Telegram about clicks Countries Devices OS Browsers Clicks from IP Actions with links Creating group links Depplinks Getting a list of links Copying links Export links Filters for links Traffic analysis Subid analysis Checking for bots and linking Traffic Quality Indicator Connecting trackers and pixels Vk Pixel Facebook Pixel Google Analytics Yandex.Metrika Actions with statistics Exporting click statistics Exporting group statistics Redirecting users Routing of clicks Hiding the link Domains Private servers Linking your own domains SSL certificate Premium domains Support Online communication with the CEO of the project
1000 100000 0 10 3 7 $/month Start
5000 500000 0 50 5 15 $/month Gold
9999 1000000 10 100 10 29 $/month Premium

Until the end of the month, the promotion is valid, for each new user the Start tariff

free for 7 days,register and test the service for free!

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ProfitMaster Arbitrator

I work with various sources of traffic for the commodity, it is convenient to track the quality of traffic through Firelinks, to form blacklists, as a result raised the conversion rate. I transferred my links here, it is convenient when everything is in one place.

Daniel Marketer

I have a team of buyers, we buy advertising in fb, vk, google, sometimes you need to hide the landing with the product, which does not pass the rules, in this case helps cloaking in Firelinks, kol-in blocks decreased by 50%, and we respectively increased their profits.

Igor Arbitrage team

In Firelinks bought up the scanner links, now promptly receive notifications of problems in group chats, and promptly change the links to fresh, a lot of clean domains, moderation are on fire, thank you!

XSender Email marketing

We use mailing software, I am glad that links are not blocked, clean domains are always available, I recommend it!

Alexandra Blogger

I have pages in social networks, it is always interesting to know which links work and which do not, as well as convenient to immediately change the links to the latest, all the statistics before my eyes, especially like the notification in Telegram bot, I will recommend to friends.

Mozart Blogger

I use the service for his Telegram channel, which periodically I put advertising posts, links are convenient to create through Telegram bot, the statistics can evaluate the most effective posts and the time for publication of advertising.

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