Project Rules

Each user, after sign up on automatically agrees to the following rules:

Paid tariffs

  • The paid tariff provides the user with access to the additional functionality of the system specified in the description
  • Payment is made by debiting funds from the balance previously deposited on the Balance page
  • It is not possible to cancel the paid tariff and return the funds
  • If the user has not renewed their tariff and has exceeded the limits specified in the tariff description, their links will be disabled
  • The validity period of the tariff is calculated at the rate of 1 month = 30 days
  • One day before the end of the tariff, the user will receive a notification about the need to extend the tariff
  • If you activate the automatic renewal of the tariff and have sufficient funds on your balance, the tariff will be extended for 1 month


  • Spam in any form via e-mail, sms, messengers using links is prohibited and related domains
  • In case of complaints from users, the link will be blocked
  • In the event of a repeated violation, the account will be blocked and the funds will be debited
  • Links to sites containing viruses, malicious content, phishing sites are prohibited, such links will be automatically blocked by our antivirus scanner
  • If you exceed the number of clicks available for your plan, the links will be disabled


  • It is prohibited to register for your referral linkmessenger to receive personal benefits, in the event of a violation of this condition, your accounts will be blocked with funds debited
  • When registering, you specify your real, valid E-mail address
  • You will not be able to deposit or withdraw funds without an E-mail confirmation
  • Support for accounts with paid rates is provided first of all

26.05.2023 Selecting a redirect method

Selecting a redirect method

10.05.2023 Project and tariff updates

Project and tariff updates

26.11.2022 Upgrading Web Proxy Links

Upgrading Web Proxy Links